Schedule: Saturday (October 20th)

October 20

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Kellogg Center Main Lobby

8:00am - 12:00pm


9:00am - 11:00am

[306] Poster Symposium - Something Old, Something New: Recent Field and Laboratory Investigations at Angel Mounds Historic Site

2:00pm - 4:00pm

[311] Poster Session - Historic Archaeology

Anthony Krus (Indiana U, Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology), G. William Monaghan (Indiana U, Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology), Timothy Schilling, (Midwest Archaeology Center), and Jeremy J Wilson (Indiana U – Purdue U, Indianapolis) A Revised Chronology for Angel Mounds’ Population Growth and Site Development

Jasmine McClure (Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis) Revisiting Pottery and Chronology at Angel: The Ceramic Assemblage from the 2011 and 2012 Excavations in the East Village

Dru McGill (Indiana U) Insights from the Analysis of 100+ Pottery Trowels from Angel Mounds (12Vg1)

Aaron Williamson (Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis), Autumn Williamson (Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis), Karin Williams (Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis), Gary Macadeg (Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis), Hannah Bose (Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis), Bianaca Brammer (Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis) and G William Monaghan (Indiana U, Bloomington) A Geoarchaeological Investigation of Mounds F and H at Angel Mounds

Jeremy Wilson (Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis), G William Monaghan (Indiana U-Bloomington), Timothy E Baumann (Indiana U-Bloomington), Erica Ausel (Indiana U-Bloomington), and Anthony Krus (Indiana U-Bloomington) Dynamic Landscapes and The Science of Science at Angel Mounds

G William Monaghan (Glenn A Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana U), Timothy Schilling (Glenn A Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana U), Anthony Krus (Glenn A Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana U), Jeremy J Wilson (Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis), and Timothy Baumann (Glenn A Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana U) Multiple Proxies Measures to Reconstruct Local Paleodemographic Trends at Angel Mounds

Erica Ausel (Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana U) A Perspective on Mississippian Life: Paleopathological Analysis of the Angel Site

Kelsey Noack Myers (Mathers Museum/Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana U) Faunal Expectations at Angel Mounds: Revisiting Adams' Analysis

Timothy Baumann (Indiana U) Timothy Schilling (NPS Midwest Archeological Center), and Valerie Altizer (Indiana U) Interrogating the Adonis of Newburgh: Fluorite Crafting and Use at Angel
Julia Bizub (U of Wisconsin at Parkside) and Robert Sasso (U of Wisconsin at Parkside) The Resique’s Wasington House Tavern Project: Archaeological Investigation at the Kenosha’s Earliest Tavern on Simmons Island

Alexandra Conell (Michigan State U) Chad Hackel (Michigan State U), Yuteng Ma (Michigan State U), and Nicole Kiriazis (Michigan State U) Gone but Not Forgotten: A Geophysical Survey to Search for Unmarked Graves in Green Cemetery, Eaton Rapids Township, Michigan

Bryan Dull (Indiana U, South Bend) Spatial Analysis and Artifact Densities at the Beardsley House (12E442), Elkhart, Indiana

Mark Groover (Ball State U), Joe Miller (Ball State U), Samantha Emrick (Ball State U), and Jared Jarvis (Ball State U) Fort Recovery: Immersion and Public Education

Alexis Jordan (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), David W J Stock (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Emily J Laak (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and Jacquelyn I Bluma (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) A Twice Forgotten Cemetery: A New Analysis of Human Remains from the Altenburg Cemetery

Robert Sasso (U of Wisconsin-Parkside) Investigation of a Nineteenth Century Refuse Deposit at the Vieau Site, Racine County, Wisconsin

Sarah Myers (Indiana U, South Bend) Spatial Analysis of Artifact Distributions at Bailly Homestead, Porter County, Indiana

Rochelle Lurie (Midwest Archaeological Research Services, Inc.) Poorhouses and Poor Farms: An Example from Cook County, Illinois

Emma Meyer (Illinois State Archaeological Survey) The Burgess-Williams Site: Consumer Choice on the Frontier

Room 101

8:00am - 12:00pm


12:00pm - 5:00pm




8:30am - 11:45am

[301] Symposium - In Memorium: Robert Hall, Doyen of Midwestern Archaeology

1:30pm - 4:00pm

[308] General Session - Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric

4:30pm - 5:30pm

Business Meeting and Awards

8:30 James L Phillips (Field Museum) Bob Hall: The Heart and Soul of Midwestern Archaeology

8:45 John Kelly (Washington U) and Lucretia Kelly (Washington U) The Cloth of Cahokia’s Soul Archaeologist

9:00 James A Brown (Northwestern U) Bob Hall — the Master of Midwestern Archaeology

9:15 Thomas Loebel (St. Xavier U) and Pete Geraci (Illinois State Archaeological Survey) Archaeology as Anthropology: Bob Hall at Starved Rock

9:30 William Green (Beloit College) Frontiers, Climaxes, and Shmoos

9:45 Donald Blakeslee (Wichita State U) Meeting of Minds: The Continuing Influence of Bob Hall

10:00 BREAK

10:15 Kent Reilly (Texas State U) Echoes of A Distant Drum: Robert L. Hall and the Interpretation of the Art, Rituals, and Symbolism of Ancient Native Americans

10:30 Lynne Goldstein (Michigan State U) Bob Hall and Studying Aztalan

10:45 Scott Demel (Northern Michigan U) Popcorn, Cahokia’s Sense of Place, and Great Lakes Archaeology

11:00 Jamie Kelly (Field Museum) Collared Ceramics in the Upper Midwest

11:30 Mary Vermilion (Saint Louis U) What Shape is a Rainbow?
1:30 Katy Mollerud (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) A Comparative Analysis of Ceramics from Three Sites in the Cambria Locality, Minnesota

1:45 Matthew Davidson (U of Kentucky) Return to Hardin Village: Protohistoric Craft Production on the Ohio River

2:00 Mark Schurr (U of Notre Dame), Joshua J Wells (Indiana U-South Bend), Terrence J. Martin (Illinois State Museum) and Sarah Nixon (Indiana U-South Bend) The Upper Mississippian Occupation at the Collier Lodge Site, Northwestern Indiana: Life on Eastern Edge of Oneota

2:15 Terrance J Martin (Illinois State Museum) Animal Exploitation at the Hoxie Farm Site (11CK4), an Extensive Upper Mississippian Habitation Complex in Cook County, Illinois

2:30 Michael Conner (Dickson Mounds Museum) and Jodie O’Gorman (Michigan State U) Spatial Distribution of Cultural Components and House Types at Morton Village

2:45 BREAK

3:00 Josh Lieto (Michigan State U) and Jodie O'Gorman (Michigan State U) The Broad-Rimmed Bowl: A Preliminary Analysis of an Oneota and Mississippian Form at the Morton Site

3:15 Jodie O'Gorman (Michigan State U), Jennifer Bengtson (Southeast Missouri State U) Ryan Tubbs (Michigan State U) Social Interactions among Women in the Past: A Central Illinois River Valley Case Study

3:30 Allison Foley (Skidmore College) Curated Voices: The Importance of Collections Research in Midwestern Bioarchaeology

3:45 George Milner (Penn State U), George Chaplin (Penn State U), and Emily Zavodny (Penn State U) Warfare in the Late Prehistoric Midwest, and its Relationship to Conflicts Elsewhere in the Eastern Woodlands

Room 103

8:00am - 10:30am

[302] General Session - Landscapes and Adaptations

10:45am - 12:00pm

[303] General Session - Hopewell & Middle Woodland

1:30pm - 4:15pm

[310] Symposium - Rivers Run Through It: Contributions to West Michigan Archaeology

8:00 Dillon Carr (Grand Rapids Community College) Paleoindian Economic Organization in the Lower Great Lakes Region

8:15 Erin C Dempsey (National Park Service, Midwest Archeological Center), Rolfe D Mandel (U of Kansas, Kansas Geological Survey), and Paul R Hanson (U of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Natural Resources) Landscape Evolution and Geoarchaeology of the Current River Valley, Southeast Missouri

8:30 Jubin Cheruvelil (Michigan State U) Resource Instability and Hunter Gatherer Response: An Archaeological Analysis of Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity

8:45 Kathryn Frederick (Michigan State U) and Meghan Howey (U of New Hampshire) The Social Work of Storing Food: Views from Douglas and Burt Lakes in Northern Michigan

9:00 Peter Geraci (ISAS/UWM-Milwaukee) Middle to Late Woodland Occupation of Upland Settings in Northeastern Illinois: An Example from the Kautz Site

9:15 BREAK

9:30 Jessica Haglund (Illinois State U) Faunal Analysis of the Multi-Component Myer-Dickson Site in Fulton County, Illinois

9:45 Robin Machiran (Archaeological Research Center) Building on the Past: Forty-Three Years of Investigations at the Willaredt Site

10:00 Rachel C McTavish (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) White-tail Deer Butchering Practices at the Aztalan Site (47 JE 0001)

10:15 Kevin Schwarz (ASC Group, Inc. & Ohio Archaeological Council) and David Lamp (ASC Group, Inc.) Recent Archaeological Investigations at Serpent Mound State Memorial, Ohio
10:45 Glenwood Boatman (U of Toledo) and David Stothers (U of Toledo) An Update on the Middle Woodland (100 B.C.-500 A.D.) Hopewellian Esch Phase, North Central Ohio: Heckelman Linear Ditches, Exploratory Trenches, and the Possiblity of Competition for Canadian Resources

11:00 Martin Byers (retired) Reclaiming the Hopewell Interaction Sphere Notion

11:15 Jeremiah Cady (Wisconsin Lutheran College) The Mortuary Analysis of the Clam Lake Burial Mounds of Northwest Wisconsin

11:30 Ashley Evans Busch (Arizona State U) Earthwork Embankment Stability at the Hopewell Site

11:45 Christine Schultz (Beloit College) and Shannon M Fie (Beloit College) Sinnissippi Mounds Revisited: Assessing Pipestone Distribution in the Lower Rock River Valley
1:30 Aaron Santa Maria (Grand Valley State U) and Addison Herreman (Grand Valley State U) The Geological Formation and Environmental Setting of Connor Bayou

1:45 Carl Morton (Grand Valley State U) Connor Bayou Lithic Analysis

2:00 Mary Lige (Grand Valley State U) and Robert Veldman (GVSU) Ceramics of Connor Bayou

2:15 Julia Strunk (Grand Valley State U) and Haley Scott (Grand Valley State U) Two Small Sites on the Grand River in West Michigan

2:30 Michael J. Hambacher (Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group, Inc.) Look What We Found in the Woods: Some New Insights into Late Prehistoric Adaptations in the Lower Grand River Valley of Michigan

2:45 BREAK

3:00 Jeff Chivis (Michigan State U) Visitation, Seasonality, and Cultural Barriers: Middle Woodland Interaction Patterns in the Muskegon River Valley, MI

3:15 Janet Brashler (Grand Valley State U) and Donald Gaff (U of Northern Iowa) A Magic Carpet Ride: The Poulson Cache (20MU147)

3:30 Dale Borders (Grand Valley State U) Indian Landing (20BA2) and the Transformation of the 19th Century Michigan Landscape

3:45 Aaron Howe (Grand Valley State U) Blendon Landing, a 19th Century Sawmill Village and River Landing

4:00 Brian Zwart (Grand Valley State U), Patrick Colgan (GVSU) and Janet Brashler (GVSU) Searching for the Pomona: How Three Disciplines Came Together

Heritage Room

8:00am - 9:15am

[304] Symposium - Investigating the Lives of Lighthouse Keepers and Their Families at the McGulpin Point Lighthouse in the Straits of Mackinac

9:30am - 11:00am

[305] General Session - Woodland Period Archaeology

1:30pm - 4:00pm

[309] General Session - Technology Studies

8:00 Sarah Surface-Evans (Central Michigan U) Recent Investigations of the Barn Structure at McGulpin Point Lighthouse

8:15 Patrick Lawton (Central Michigan U) The Effect of the Industrial Revolution on the Life of a Late Nineteenth Century Lighthouse Keeper

8:30 Sarah Krystin Haase (Central Michigan U) Function and Decoration as Considered from the Glass Artifact Assemblage at the McGulpin Lighthouse

8:45 Justin Miller (Central Michigan U) Examination of Gun Cartridges Recovered from the McGulpin Lighthouse Barn

9:00 Megan Bauerle (Central Michigan U) Health and Subsistence in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries at the McGulpin Point Lighthouse
9:30 Sarah Caldwell (Illinois State U) Woodland Moundbuilding and Mortuary Practices in Waterloo, Iowa

9:45 Kira Kaufmann (Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group) Stabilization of 22 Mounds in Two Days: New Research and Management Processes for a Late Woodland Mound Group in Wisconsin

10:00 Susan Kooiman (Illinois State U) Ceramics, Subsistence, and Ceremony along Lake Superior’s South Shore: A Functional Analysis of Woodland Pottery and Decoration

10:15 Karen Leone (Gray & Pape, Inc.) Paleoethnobotany of a Late Woodland Upland Frontier Settlement in West-Central Illinois

10:30 BREAK

10:45 Kenneth Mohney (Monroe County Community College) and Josh Leito (Michigan State U) Results of Initial Ceramic and Lithic Analysis of the Adams Site, Monroe County Michigan

11:00 Germaine Mosher (Illinois State U) Dynamism in the Good Grey Cultures : A study of communicable disease prevalence in the skeletal assemblage of Hacker South Mound 2 in Jersey County, Illinois

11:15 David Stothers (U of Toledo) The Gibraltar Phase: An Early Late Woodland Cultural Expression (ca. 500 to 750 A.D.): Wayne Mortuary Complex or Founding Phase of the Western Basin Tradition?
1:30 G. Logan Miller (Ohio State U) Illuminating Activities at Paleo Crossing (33ME274) Through Microwear Analysis

1:45 Anya C Frashuer (Arizona State U), Christopher Carr (Arizona State U), and Michael D Glascock (U of Missouri Research Reactor Center) Clay Selection in Scioto Valley, Ohio Woodland Vessel Production

2:00 Jody Clauter (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) Results and Comparisons of Petrographic and Energy Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence (ED XRF) Analyses of Late Woodland Ceramics from Southern Wisconsin

2:15 Andrew Upton (Michigan State U) Preliminary Testing of the Efficacy of Shell Tempering as a Proto-Hominy Processor

2:30 BREAK

2:45 Dan Wendt (Minnesota Historical Society Volunteer Program) Characterizing Variation in Quarried and Till Derived Siltstone

3:00 Thomas Collins (Illinois State Archaeological Survey), H Blaine Ensor (Illinois State Archaeological Survey), and Steve Boles (Illinois State Archaeological Survey) A Preliminary Look at Projectile Point Variability at the East St. Louis Mound Complex

3:15 Robert Rohe (Illinois State Archaeological Survey) Ink on Bone: Examining Potential Prehistoric Tattooing Implements Found in the American Bottoms

3:30 Robert Cook (Ohio State U) and Aaron Comstock (Ohio State U) Key Dimensions of Fort Ancient Triangular Projectile Points: A Miami Valley Case Study

3:45 Elissa Hulit (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) A GIS and Compositional Statistical Approach to Clay Sourcing at Aztalan

Brody Hall

12:00pm - 1:30pm

[307] Student Workshop

Advanced Registration Required

Publishing: What, When, Where, and How? (Andrew Upton, Richard Edwards, Aaron Comstock, Heather Walder, Organizers; Nicole Raslich, Susan Kooiman, Moderators; Robert Sasso, Board Liaison)

Panelists: Thomas Emerson, John O’Shea, John Richards, James Skibo, Lynne Goldstein, William Lovis.

Centennial Room

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Reception and Cash Bar


Big Ten A

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Banquet and Invited Speaker

Dr. Judith Bense (U of West Florida)

The Surprisingly Close French-Spanish Relationship Throughout the Colonial South 

Download PDF for October 20th Schedule